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A HIMYM Reaction



In the hazy, tear-stained (yes, shut up) aftermath, I’m coming around to things. As long as I remember season 2, I’m ok.

But…here’s the problem with HIMYM. You don’t end up with THE PERFET WOMAN FOR THE NARRATOR, after years of chasing a woman who didn’t want kids and honestly didn’t ever match up with Ted’s fantasy of what true love should be…then kill her off so he can end up with imperfection because hey, why not.

Yes, it makes sense in the way the show played out over 9 years…it totally makes sense in terms of why they Robin storyline dragged out for so long, and in some of the things he said about her…but this line of reasoning backfired on the writers. Because not since season 4 have I seen Robin be WORTHY of Ted’s love and of what he made her out to be in his head.

Yes, season 2 was the best when they were together…and yes, I’m sure some day I’ll love that they are together. But then, they shouldn’t have made the Mother, Tracy (good call on that one, season 1 stripper fans), so worthy of Ted’s affection.

They essentially reduced her to a baby donator…because Robin couldn’t/wouldn’t want her own kids. After they showed what Ted COULD have in a wife (the mistake that was season 9 I now see…because they didn’t show enough of the Mother, but what they did, made her seem flawless for Ted), Robin never made sense.

Even now, in the 90’s working girl awful stereotype that they made Robin into…how in the world would she end up with Ted? And why, except for the idea of what Ted had in his head, would he want her?

Again, yes, season 2=best ever. But then they shouldn’t have spent seasons 4-8 ruining Robin for Ted, and the audience, with season 9 making The Mother…Tracy…perfect for him.

I could never say the show went on for too long, because even when they kept going back to Robin (again, of course now it makes sense) I still loved so many moments. But really…putting Robin and Barney together and showing how great they were…and putting Ted and The Mother together…it just really highlighted how the writers annoyed people with Robin and Ted’s ongoing dalliances. NOT in a “Friends-esque” way where we all knew Rachel and Ross would end up together, but in a “OMG why can’t Ted see how awful Robin has become for him…bring on The Mother.”

While well-written, this ending is so stereotypical-T.V. show (again, all of the Friends comparisons come full circle). A truly happy ending, a simple ending, with no twist…wasn’t enough. If they truly planned it out for 9 years, they should have seen how that might backfire on their audience.

That all being said….and because of all that…I can see why they didn’t give us MORE of The Mother, and why it maybe should have ended in season 8. Then we wouldn’t feel conflicted over why a whole season of convincing us that Barney and Robin would belong together…Why Robin’s last minute doubts were semi-waylaid by THE MOTHER, who was most deserving of Ted’s love. We would have just had the magic of the train stop…and maybe we would have been more accepting of Robin, though more of The Blue French Horn.

Yeah, it never made sense for Barney to settle down (I guess he never learned…so he’s destined to be a Dad but alone?)…for Robin to NOT get how great Ted was. All of that writing now makes sense…creatively, it all ties together. But now, thanks to season 9…it doesn’t make sense for Ted, and Ted’s kids…to settle for Robin. The writing all makes sense. But the sadness of Ted without The Mother lingers….

because had they continued showing her…Tracy’s…greatness…and even after what they did show…I can never truly be happy at the ending. Again, if I remember season 2…sure I’ll be happy. But when I think back to that FarHampton stop…nope. Sorry. T.M. and T.M. for life. What, is she with Max now? NOPE sorry.

So what would have been my “happy ending?” Ted and The Mother, finally marry in 2030…after Ted finishes telling his kids how they ended up together. Barney and Robin reconnect after his baby, and Lily gets her happiness of everyone together (PS way to short-shift the best couple on the show in the finale, AND giving Lily those bangs to boot).

And yeah, maybe his rehashings would have still contained too much Robin…but all the better to spotlight why he chose The Mother. A lesson in how what you think you want in your youth isn’t as right as what True Love has to offer (on that note; wouldn’t kids of a mother who’s passed rather hear about the fond memories of their Mom, and NOT say, rehashings he apparently kept to himself for so many years? Maybe that was in a promise to The Mother not to live in the past…oh yeah, way to go back to Robin then, mate, again, I think the kids would rather hear about THEIR MOTHER).

At least we still have Lily and Marshall. BTW, what was their third kid’s name? Oh well, chalk it up to another Pineapple Incident. I guess Marshall wins the bet, even though Lily knew what was up…even a changed Robin, realizing what Ted could be for her…would never be enough for him. The Mother proved that.


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