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Baby Names Gone Wild: Tips On What To Call Your Child


(Yes, this is me!)

Celebrities seem to enjoy taking liberties with naming their children. Jessica Simpson with “Maxwell,” and now Mila and Ashton with “Wyatt.” In case you are living under a rock and can’t get US Weekly, these are their daughters. One claims it’s a family name (I guess JSimps couldn’t wait to see if she had a boy, and didn’t have a woman in her family to honor), while the other says “it’s unisex” (All together now: NOOOOO).

But unfortunately, it’s not just people living near that big Hollywood sign that make missteps in naming their child. I think we can all agree that just because I like Martha doesn’t mean you have to, or just because you think Justin is too 80’s doesn’t mean that I can’t use it.

I’m not talking about those naming disagreements. I’m talking about the legitimate, oops I did it again and named my son Sarah people, or the, why can’t I name my daughter Elephent when it sounds SO GOOD with my last name.

For these people…I bring you the following tips on a) How to pick a child’s name and b) Why it’s important to take your CHILD into consideration when you do so.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Your Child:
1) Is your naming choice from the “right” side of the baby naming book? I.E. Girls name from the girl’s side, boy’s name from the boys. If not, please “do not pass Go.” GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING AND TRY AGAIN.
2) True “unisex” names almost never are. Poll people to find out what gender they associate the name with….your future child will thank you some day. I say this as the daughter of someone who used to write “Tim” on all of his school papers because he didn’t appreciate his more feminine-skewing “unisex” name. Your future daughter says, “Thanks Mom, for going with Christine instead of Tyler.”
3) Yes, name trends happen. There are cycles where Ava is the new black, and there are enough Liam’s in a public school class to fill a small bus. However, this does not give you license to make up your own name, or, even worse in my opinion, to significantly change the spelling of a common name. Your Child. Has To. Use This Name. FOR THE REST OF HIS OR HER LIFE.
They don’t want to have to explain to everyone “well you see, my mom/dad named me Rysihika because he/she felt like Ruth was too common and they just liked that letter combination,” or “Yes…my name is cKathcheryn. All of the c’s are silent, and the Y was just really in at the time of my conception, apparently.”
If a name’s backstory is more convoluted than one really short sentence, or is too embarrassing to get into, then you’ve harmed your child in a way they can never recover from (until they turn 18 and head down to the social security office in your nearest city to change it legally).
4) Do NOT name your child something that has a true meaning in the English dictionary. Yes, all names “mean” something (Megan, for example, means Pearl). But please do not name your child “Persuasion” because you like how it shortens to Percy. Harry Potter fans, just go with Percy!
5) Please remember this: Your child will have to be called this name on the playground. When they e-mail prospective colleges with questions, this will be their electronic signature. And when they apply to jobs, people will be calling them this name.
So if you give them a solidly boy name, and they are a girl….there will be some surprised HR departments when they call ”Drew” for an interview.
Every first day of every new beginning will be spent explaining why “my mom’s brother was her best friend so she thought, ‘well, there’s Something About Kevin,’ and named me Kevin Christine Johnson.”
6) When it doubt, try the Starbucks Test (or if you’re into some other kind of all-organic, chai latte local coffee shop…try it there). Tell the barista your proposed baby name. If when they call out your name to tell you that your drink is ready they a) look surprised when you, a person of whatever gender you have on your driver’s license, shows up b) take five minutes to pronounce it c) mispronounce it horribly because you thought that Tiffany looked better spelt Typhaneee.
7) If you’ve read this list and still think “my child, my choice,” please remember, that while technically you are correct, and whatever you name your baby really is your own decision (except in Iceland), that actually….what you should be thinking is “my child, who has to grow up to be their own person and may appreciate a meaningful name that actually has a nice backstory (i.e. religion, heritage, ethnicity, gender-appropriate honor names).” If you need help coming up with some better names…try some of the following websites:
Also remember: edgy names are what NICKNAMES are great for. That way, they have a real, adult name to fall back on, but something fun that could always end up being a family-specific name if your child deems it to be too embarrassing.
Baby Name Websites:
(not only does this site provide great feedback, but other people can comment and gently let you know when a name is just too out there).
Fun Facts (that my computer won’t let me add as a hyperlink)

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After months of irritability when someone asked, “So what did you think of that ending…” crying when I overthought “but what about when Ted and The Mother seemed so perfect,” or “HAVE THE PRODUCERS NOT WATCHED WHAT THEY DID TO ROBIN’s CHARACTER? HOW COULD SHE BE WITH ANYONE BUT BARNEY…HOW COULD TED LIKE HER?”

I finally see the light.

Yes, after wondering if I would even be willing to purchase the new series when it comes out on September 23rd….all because of the dreaded finale where I couldn’t be happy (see: Seth Meyer’s Emmy shout out)

If this is real…really real. I will give MULTIPLE HIGH FIVES on my way to the check out counter!

This alternate ending may very well be what the producers did when they realized “Crap we didn’t plan for everyone to have this visceral a reaction to the ending; we also didn’t shoot anything else that could make a new alternate ending so….HERE’S what we”ll do.”

But I’ll take it!!!!!!!

And now, when I watch and get annoyed by Robin all over again….I can say “well he ends up with The Mother, so it’s okay!”

Good thing my wedding is all about the right place, the right time…AND the yellow umbrella:)


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A HIMYM Reaction



In the hazy, tear-stained (yes, shut up) aftermath, I’m coming around to things. As long as I remember season 2, I’m ok.

But…here’s the problem with HIMYM. You don’t end up with THE PERFET WOMAN FOR THE NARRATOR, after years of chasing a woman who didn’t want kids and honestly didn’t ever match up with Ted’s fantasy of what true love should be…then kill her off so he can end up with imperfection because hey, why not.

Yes, it makes sense in the way the show played out over 9 years…it totally makes sense in terms of why they Robin storyline dragged out for so long, and in some of the things he said about her…but this line of reasoning backfired on the writers. Because not since season 4 have I seen Robin be WORTHY of Ted’s love and of what he made her out to be in his head.

Yes, season 2 was the best when they were together…and yes, I’m sure some day I’ll love that they are together. But then, they shouldn’t have made the Mother, Tracy (good call on that one, season 1 stripper fans), so worthy of Ted’s affection.

They essentially reduced her to a baby donator…because Robin couldn’t/wouldn’t want her own kids. After they showed what Ted COULD have in a wife (the mistake that was season 9 I now see…because they didn’t show enough of the Mother, but what they did, made her seem flawless for Ted), Robin never made sense.

Even now, in the 90’s working girl awful stereotype that they made Robin into…how in the world would she end up with Ted? And why, except for the idea of what Ted had in his head, would he want her?

Again, yes, season 2=best ever. But then they shouldn’t have spent seasons 4-8 ruining Robin for Ted, and the audience, with season 9 making The Mother…Tracy…perfect for him.

I could never say the show went on for too long, because even when they kept going back to Robin (again, of course now it makes sense) I still loved so many moments. But really…putting Robin and Barney together and showing how great they were…and putting Ted and The Mother together…it just really highlighted how the writers annoyed people with Robin and Ted’s ongoing dalliances. NOT in a “Friends-esque” way where we all knew Rachel and Ross would end up together, but in a “OMG why can’t Ted see how awful Robin has become for him…bring on The Mother.”

While well-written, this ending is so stereotypical-T.V. show (again, all of the Friends comparisons come full circle). A truly happy ending, a simple ending, with no twist…wasn’t enough. If they truly planned it out for 9 years, they should have seen how that might backfire on their audience.

That all being said….and because of all that…I can see why they didn’t give us MORE of The Mother, and why it maybe should have ended in season 8. Then we wouldn’t feel conflicted over why a whole season of convincing us that Barney and Robin would belong together…Why Robin’s last minute doubts were semi-waylaid by THE MOTHER, who was most deserving of Ted’s love. We would have just had the magic of the train stop…and maybe we would have been more accepting of Robin, though more of The Blue French Horn.

Yeah, it never made sense for Barney to settle down (I guess he never learned…so he’s destined to be a Dad but alone?)…for Robin to NOT get how great Ted was. All of that writing now makes sense…creatively, it all ties together. But now, thanks to season 9…it doesn’t make sense for Ted, and Ted’s kids…to settle for Robin. The writing all makes sense. But the sadness of Ted without The Mother lingers….

because had they continued showing her…Tracy’s…greatness…and even after what they did show…I can never truly be happy at the ending. Again, if I remember season 2…sure I’ll be happy. But when I think back to that FarHampton stop…nope. Sorry. T.M. and T.M. for life. What, is she with Max now? NOPE sorry.

So what would have been my “happy ending?” Ted and The Mother, finally marry in 2030…after Ted finishes telling his kids how they ended up together. Barney and Robin reconnect after his baby, and Lily gets her happiness of everyone together (PS way to short-shift the best couple on the show in the finale, AND giving Lily those bangs to boot).

And yeah, maybe his rehashings would have still contained too much Robin…but all the better to spotlight why he chose The Mother. A lesson in how what you think you want in your youth isn’t as right as what True Love has to offer (on that note; wouldn’t kids of a mother who’s passed rather hear about the fond memories of their Mom, and NOT say, rehashings he apparently kept to himself for so many years? Maybe that was in a promise to The Mother not to live in the past…oh yeah, way to go back to Robin then, mate, again, I think the kids would rather hear about THEIR MOTHER).

At least we still have Lily and Marshall. BTW, what was their third kid’s name? Oh well, chalk it up to another Pineapple Incident. I guess Marshall wins the bet, even though Lily knew what was up…even a changed Robin, realizing what Ted could be for her…would never be enough for him. The Mother proved that.


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A Fond #HIMYMFarewell


In honor of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother…a remembrance of one of my favorite shows of all time! HIMYM came out my senior year of college…so it’s not hard for me to feel as though I literally grew as an adult right along with the show.
My HIMYM story didn’t start at the beginning, but rather, halfway through the first season, when I sat down with Mom & Dad to watch Zip, Zip, Zip. During grad school, my fellow SU classmates and I would watch episodes on DVD (of season 2, the best season).
When I moved to Albany for a job, I made sure to watch every new episode with my co-workers (where their Metro News 1 was a LITERAL not Robin-literal-actually true) mockery of our sister station). It was one of the first shows J and I watched together after we began dating and I moved to Pittsburgh. 
And it really is a show I can watch with anyone. One of my friends from back home and I even have our own “Ducky Tie” bet going over the finale. And I’m glad some of my other friends caught on before the end:)…so that I’ll have even more people to cry to about when it’s over. 
Because It wasn’t just about the superb cameos and awesome music. With great characters you could relate to, who as far back as the pilot episode had amazing chemistry together, this show taught me that both in life and on the “small screen,” it really isn’t about the destination (or meeting The Mother), but the journey along the way (On that note, Jason Segel: can you please just marry Alyson Hannigan in every movie?).
Before the end, I’d ideally like to sit down and watch every episode with a different (meaningful) past girlfriend…just so that when I finally see Ted and The Mother together at that train stop, I’ll remember how much it matters (and yes, I’d be picking some of the lamer girlfriend’s episodes *cough* Zoey based on the “extras” aka the Cockamouse).
I’ll leave off with some of my favorite (albeit more random) lines throughout the series:
Lily: It hurts my eyes…Barney: Yeah, that doesn’t go away.
Barney’s Three Days Rule:
Ted: Grinchy, grinch grinch grinch, grinch grinch grinch.
Ted and Robin: General Knowledge
Marshall: [looking for his password] Jelly beans, fluffer nutter, Gummi bears, ginger snaps- this is a grocery list. Robin: For who, a witch building a house in the forest? Marshall: Sugar helps me study. Barney: This is the kind of shopping a ten-year-old does when he’s alone for the weekend. Lily: Who leaves a ten-year-old alone for the weekend? Barney: [Sarcastically] Oh, and your mom was perfect.
Ted: Love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
And while I’ll always love “Let’s Go To The Mall” and “Murder Train”…this cover song is now my favorite:
So tomorrow night, I’ll suit up and watch what’s sure to be a legendary conclusion to an amazing series…that I’ll continue to enjoy watching for years to come as I imagine them all happy together in TV-afterlife (just don’t end with any sad twists, or all bets are off!). #HIMYMFAREWELL CBS. Thanks for the memories Ted and Mother (Luke & Penny), Marshmellow and Lilypad (Marvin & Daisy) Robin and Barney (and wherever your five dogs ended up):) While I can’t wait to see these actors on future projects, I don’t think it will ever be the same magic onscreen as they’ve had together.

<3  (P.S. to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas Here’s hoping the has a ending: no twists, no deaths; just what the show was ultimately about all long: 1 pair)

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Definitely an amazing ending to a top notch show. Can&#8217;t wait for the director&#8217;s cut. &#8220;Our star is just one story (in the sky).&#8221; Absolutely paves the way for a great season 2, whomever gets to be part of it. Would have liked to see a few loose ends tied up, but it was extremely satisfying, and what I cared about most was resolved. It&#8217;s like Woody said, &#8220;we were never going to get them all.&#8221; Both #woody and #mcconaughey deserve an #emmy.

Definitely an amazing ending to a top notch show. Can’t wait for the director’s cut. “Our star is just one story (in the sky).” Absolutely paves the way for a great season 2, whomever gets to be part of it. Would have liked to see a few loose ends tied up, but it was extremely satisfying, and what I cared about most was resolved. It’s like Woody said, “we were never going to get them all.” Both #woody and #mcconaughey deserve an #emmy.